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kumpulan novel: story

kumpulan novel: story:   abandoned back      This is a life story that really can not understand and the story is true "absolutely natural and one thing I can ...


 abandoned back

     This is a life story that really can not understand and the story is true "absolutely natural and one thing I can believe that I kept trying to do everything ikhlas.mengikhlas' is to be preserved both from low economic status or matters of love 'is difficult but here  reality
     I come from a humble family and also do not have a beautiful face 'but I could live well enough though I do not have a harmonious family, mother and father were divorced when I was in Grade 2 SD and I live with my mother, my mother was the one who making money for me ...mother is also a father to me because my father never noticed me as a child and did not provide a living for a very interesting life son.to me waited for what happens tomorrow, though sometimes will be very terrible to go through because money is king and it's true. the second ie 'love' but love is not hard for me they say 'better loved than to love' of course this will not be able to run as desired is not available to me on the fact that force is not loved love is face personable which can determine not to break my hope, love for me just a lie and will eventually be thrown away after he gets what he wants.

SD (elementary school).  

   I was in elementary school Kerinci kab.pelalawan riau 001 base here I get everything I want but not with true love is a very cute little because I already feel the puppy love started 4.memiliki class friends who are very good to me, their names 'Sapta rian decent, Hendri, ori pratama, misna Irawati and ari and many more but this is the people who are so much berperan.misna is a bench with my friends and he was a pretty smart, too smart people Hendri he often get ranked 2nd in class, ori mediocre and rian are people who are smart enough he would often get a ranking of the class including the class and I was mediocre but I included in the 10 large.character misna good but he is one who is cheating ever an answer when I asked about him on and he gave a false answer but it's not that easy for me to believe and I write a different answer finally answer he is wrong and I right.ori type of person who might be hard to me he was a very hate.hendri kind and gentle, but unfortunately he stopped not completed grade 6.    
    Ari is a good man but there are instances where it when my friends on my mencomblangkan ari was their plan without the knowledge of me and when I got back from the canteen they say hey there are people who like the same loh nanix Ari and he was my reaction when was angry because my classmates say that until the time of study ari did send me a paper that was written Ari nanix love makes me more angry because ari sent the article to all my classmates made me very ashamedend of  it rian was the only time I away  Ari . rian was a very I love because he is good, but very smart people that he's a playboy asked matchmaker me to her in person that he loves and is met from me.     time to learn he is also often about providing cheat on me and I also occasionally ask for a cheat sheet, break time was also playing with rian and other friends each time the play rian slalu that it almost brought me to join the school with its almost slalu but It ended when an increase in grade 5 we diacak.saat it never occurred to her rian by arriving one day there is an event that does not bias me forget the time school ends teng .. teng ... teng ... sign our bells and flocked out of the classroom and there was no one who holds my hand tightly but came home very exciting time because I let go of it and my biggest mistake was not one bit I saw the face of anyone who holds my hand.

Smp (secondary school)

     Fun can continue to secondary school education, this is what I feel because this form of gratitude because not all my friends to me in smp
continued smp.citra sepamor when the SD was not because of the time my friends already know dating is not the same thing I was the innocent who can still be said to undergo a relationship with a man I can not understand what to do plus more when I did not understand the dress in front of a man and no man things like the results. but always anyone I like it solely for your console needs to change the mind to change always not just one issue but there is a problem that I was more appropriate for a utopian,     however I still have a good friend he is NENY Susanti smp him reliable enough to receive me what it is he is my situation smp bestfriend.when not live with my parents (mom) and I live with my grandmother entrusted sakura lasted 1 year because there are economic consequences perpecaha mama no longer send money for my expenses while staying with my grandmother and anyway at the time of his grandfather in severance on the basis of his grandmother who baik.aku decided to move and ngekos, all the hurdles I lived mainly the economic difficult to send money to my parents for 1 month at 150 per month untuku rb meal lasted until junior high school graduation.

Smk (vocational schools)     

     I am really grateful to be able continued this education that's what my education melanjudkan rasakan.aku smk cadets and conduct physical fitness education rather semi-military education, doing new things that never thought about it me and get acquainted with new friends can be fun start times of bias baru.disini I stay back with my parents (stepfather), in smk cadets I have a new friend that he was the first quarterly and ofing, ira, daughter, and many of my first lagi.people whom he was sitting one seat for my daughter she was very good and reliable, and finally my bias introduced by ira doli and other friends, I feel very close to the princess with her maybe because I come from the same village my friendship with my fikir daughter will be fine but not all so messed up because thanks to him I was introduced to the princess as away ira and do not want my friendship with him and I prefer ira bias annoyed why things like this happen.    but as its running time is never ending because ira told me that the daughter of someone who likes the same sex somehow ira said that to me but ira says you should keep it quiet and I said okay, but even so I do not let the girls continue to bias like that I think would advise him, but it does not go smoothly because when it was not my good friends is difficult to convey I'm trying to advise her but it only made him more and more menjahuiku not want to be friends with me but the one thing that baffles me at ira he does not is such that I still think positively on the princess that he may be more convenient to have a friend like ira not on me.tetapi I'm very grateful to the daughter because she was on when I really needed him he would help me when my parents are willing to hurt him help me at that time whether sincere or compulsion because I still thank you for doli.finally I understand why you stay away from me, it is because you do not want me to know your secrets, I know it from my aunt that 'she (the daughter) did not want I know and you (the daughter) was a true shame you do not have to like that I can understand your feelings friend.one again you do not need to apologize to me when you're sick because I slalu forgive you ...

Graduated smk    

       I want to work and the first new university continued teryata difficult to get a job I'm trying to get the job started to make a cover letter, but already a month over other roads that are not called me to do is ask someone to help me work on the ground there is a person who says it can do employs the place I send my application I did go to the person that I begged the man and the man finally asked me for money on a 300 rb cigarette money I was giving him information of his or her say wait two days because he did not have info I got back to the house until the third time he was mad at me and said 'cancel the application was tired when I visited it on and the text continues to ask that question as there are only payable me'he say that in front of my mother how could he say such a thing (in the muttered heart) as I requested my money back but in a polite way because the person is older than me, I said 'sir cancel the job because I was going to college soon' "he said wait 2 more days because there are definitely hiring again briefly ', I said I was good at it cpc cpc pack still have my phone number right then inform ya pak pak' he says it, but up to 2 days passed no information (that is a father?)